What Are The Working Procedures Of A DUI Court

DUI or DWI court is created with the help of many communities, which offer alcohol treatment and stress rehabilitation programs. The reason of it is that punishments under DUI are not much effective.

Basically, the DUI court focuses on changing the person’s behavior and provides alcohol addiction rehabilitation. The court emphasize accountability and require regular status checks, court sessions, individual and group counseling, house arrest, etc.

What Are The Working Procedures Of A DUI Court

A DUI case requires the need of an attorney, who can understand your case and give you advice on how to fight it. Also, there are many websites, which provide such services to their clients. You can hire your attorney from  San Diego DUI pros.

How a DUI court works?

The working of a DUI court is same as it is of criminal court. It is held in the courtroom with a prosecutor, judge, a probation officer and defense attorney. The whole team works together in order to create a DUI treatment program. Each program takes 12-24 months to complete.

Each participant’s progress is monitored by the court and he/she has to make regular appearances in the court, attend individual and group counseling sessions, and also abstain from alcohol. Also, if a person faces some kind of problem, then the DUI/DWI court team will resolve it.

The person is monitored with breathalyzer and urine test. If any of these tests has positive result or he has missed some counseling, then the court will impose penalties, which include fine or even jail time.

DUI court eligibility

DUI court timing’s varies by jurisdiction. In many courts, a person who is being convicted or pleading guilty is only allowed to enter in DUI court. Some people enter the program by signing the contract on a non-mandatory basis and other follows the court orders. Sex offenders, mentally ill, violent offenders are not accepted by some of the DUI court.

Increase in punishment

The history of a DUI arrest or punishment may continue to affect your future DUI arrest and punishment. Many people think that they will receive the same punishment, which they have received earlier, but the reality is that you will receive punishment according to your state penal code, so it may be considered as a felony level offense.

Other reasons which can increase your charges

During a first DUI arrest, you will ask for a plea bargain from various other charges by thinking that this will not happen again, but this plea bargain has 2 aspects.

  • First, if you ask for plea bargain, then for the second DUI arrest, the judge will impose much harder charges on you.
  • State reproving prior is the charge, which can affect your punishment in another DUI arrest.

Things to remember before entering DWI court

You should not take your decision of entering in the DUI court lightly. A person who is alcohol free and successful in this program will get his/her charges removed. Sometimes, it can also get reduced, and the participants, who fail in this program, have to repeat it or may also get severe punishments

Therefore, the working of a DUI court is done in an organized way and it is also advisable to stay away from all this case.

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