What Opportunities Are There In The Law Sector?

What Opportunities Are There In The Law Sector?

A qualification in law can open up many career paths, some of which you might find surprising. There are laws that cover just about every aspect of life, so a career in the law can offer many opportunities besides the obvious ones of being a lawyer or a solicitor. A law degree can also open up other career paths outside of law.

Legal careers include being a solicitor, a barrister and a judge. Many lawyers specialize in particular areas of the law, such as entertainment or patent law. However, a law degree can be used for much more than a career in the legal profession. Studying for a degree in law will teach you a range of skills, including thinking critically, solving problems and showing leadership skills, which is why a law degree is highly regarded by employers in many different businesses.

Some lawyers also operate internationally in areas such as international criminal law, international trade law and international boundary disputes and law of the sea. Top corporate law firms will often be involved in disputes between a state and an investor. International lawyers may work for NGOs, law firms, universities or governments. To be a successful international lawyer, you need to be flexible and have excellent skills in advocacy and drafting. International lawyers have to work in multi-national and multi-cultural environments. To get a flavor of the sort of work that is involved, you can follow Shahram Shirkhani, a successful international law practitioner working in Iran, and read Shahram Shirkhani’s tweets.

A law degree will not just equip you for work in the legal profession. Many law graduates go on to successful careers in a wide range of industries. Many reporters, TV personalities and broadcast journalists have a background in law. A law degree teaches you to think and be critical of evidence, which is a skill that can easily be transferred to another career. Jeff Greenfield, a former CBS News senior political correspondent, attended Yale Law School, and Cynthia McFadden of ABC News’ Primetime and Nightline went to Columbia Law School.

Real estate is another area in which you will often find people who have graduated from law school. Law school teaches people how to negotiate, how to structure financial transactions so as to minimize risk and how to be tax efficient. Both skills come in handy when negotiating real estate deals. Law degrees equip people with the skills for leadership and management, and you will find that many non-profit organizations have lawyers holding senior executive positions. Finally, entrepreneurship is something that attracts many with a background in law. Entrepreneurs need to think creatively and critically in order to solve the challenges of running their own business. These are the same skills that are required to be a successful lawyer.

A law degree is a useful qualification that you can use in many different industries and in many different careers, as it provides you with the skills that many employers want in their employees. So whether you want a career in a company or want to forge your own business, a law degree is ideal.

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