What to Expect During a Visit to a Brothel

For those who have never visited one of the few brothels sydney, they may be in for a bit of a surprise. Brothels on television are depicted as being loose places with little rules and restrictions, but this could not be further from the truth when it comes to Australian brothels. Wondering what you can expect during a visit to one of these establishments? We will walk you through what you can expect.

Entering a Brothel: Not as Sexy as You May Think

Many people have fantasied about how it must be to set foot into a brothel. Some imagine being greeted by a number of gorgeous individuals while others may dream of being swept immediately off their feet and having their every desire catered to.

If this is what you expect, prepare to be disappointed. Legal brothels in Australia take care of their service providers. A large part of this involves ensuring their safety. Before you even see any of the service providers within a brothel, you will need to stand behind glass security doors, enter into a booth, and go through a series of checks.

Next Stop:  Meeting the Girls

Most of the meeting rooms in a brothel are not large and filled with sexy individuals. There will be a select group of service providers in a small meeting room, and they will introduce themselves one by one. You can then decide which service provider or providers they will take into another room, as well as what services will be provided. Everyone is clear on which services are going to be provided and for what price prior to leaving the meeting room.

Moving Forward: Entering the Room

Most of the rooms in brothels are not nearly as “sexy” as they are portrayed on television and on film. Seldom will you find rooms with items such as ropes, dancing poles or swings. They are comfortable, however, and most also include an en suite bathroom.

There will be a limited number of rooms within a brothel (for example, it is illegal for a brothel in Queensland to have any more than five rooms within an establishment). Many of these rooms are themed to cater to the different tastes and desires of a client.

The room itself may have a bed, or it may have a chair with a bright lamp located next to it. The service providers use these lamps to detect any signs of sexually transmitted infections on a client. While this may sound clinical and strange, the best service providers are able to do this in a fun and easy way, which does not make the client feel as if they are paying a visit to their doctor.

  • To bring condoms or not? The brothel you attend should be fully stocked with every size condom as well as provide moisturiser and lubricant for client use

Finally, clients should know that while in the room, the door must remain unlocked. The rooms are also outfitted with a panic button just in case a service provider or the client feels endangered.

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