PrivyPleasures – Exclusive Exotic Lingerie Shopping Portal

In any society, there is that point where things take a turn for the affluent. In macro-economic terms this is when a country reaches the US$1,000 per capita gross domestic product. It basically means that the people have reached a level of disposable income that they can splurge and enjoy their new found wealth. In developing countries this is usually brought about by employment in multinationals and business process outsourcing companies, as well as the burgeoning merchant middle class and the entrepreneurial young adults.

When a sector of society has a large disposable income, or finances which they can put into investments and savings, the newly-affluent young adults also splurge a bit. The most common luxuries that they indulge in is food and clothing.

How PrivyPleasures Started?

In India, there is a growing need for exotic lingerie. It is possible that the need was always there, however with the internet, it is now possible to do so discreetly, privately and without going to the store. was launched in 2011 with the aim of providing a lingerie shopping experience for customers who would like to buy lingerie without being judged by others, while being able to browse for sexy intimate apparel.

Bhupendra Jagtap was uniquely positioned to create the startup which has become He is more than qualified to venture into ecommerce, having a Bachelor of Engineering degree from university, and the site has proven he has the coding skills to match his drive. He quit his job, tried to find a suitable niche, and when he found it, he went for 26 hours straight of coding the website. At the time, there were no other Indian ecommerce site which catered to lingerie and intimate apparel. It is not ironic that he started his business in his bedroom.

PrivyPleasures – Exclusive Exotic Lingerie Shopping Portal

What prompted him to create PrivyPleasures?

What prompted him to create PrivyPleasures was the trouble he encountered when he tried to help a friend find lingerie. Whether online or in stores, it was not that easy. The idea of an exotic shopping portal for exotic lingerie seemed like a logical choice at the time. Since then, the growth of has shown that there really is a market, and it is growing. In three years of operation, they have gone from a funded operation to a earning profits. It has also seen growth of more than 20 times during the past year. The current product line has more than 550 items, and plans are on to expand this to more than 2,000 items soon. It currently carries well-known brands like Hustler Lingerie, Elegant Movement, Electric Lingerie, and Magic Silk. It is possible that they would be offering more name brands in the following year or so.

PrivyPleasures is like any other shopping portal, besides the hard-to-come-by merchandise it has other differences. The packaging is discreet, and unassuming. The site uses same-day delivery courier services, and the it offers anonymity for the customers. In short, it is fast, discreet, and safeguards the customer’s privacy. This all adds up to a great customer experience and full satisfaction for every purchase. With this in mind, it is no secret that the customers keep coming back to browse for new products, and to continue purchasing sexy exotic lingerie.

With good feedback from customers, and a bright future, PrivyPleasures promises to be one company which would be keeping its customers happy with the simple formula to success.

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