Success Of Neil Emilfarb In Bussiness World

Neil Emilfarb’s Gift to the Men and Women of the Business World

Success Of Neil Emilfarb In Bussiness World

Mr. Neil Emilfarb, a US investor and an industrialist, had an idea of creating a secluded piece of paradise in the middle of the Europe for businessmen and women who are working hard in this area, but still seek harmony and serenity of the family life.

The Dukley gardens complex is built in the Old Town area of Budva, a small coastal town in even a smaller and still not-so-familiar state of Montenegro. Located at the very coast of the Adriatic Sea, Budva is a place famous for its sandy beaches, cultural heritage and exciting nightlife. With the country itself being one of the smallest ones in the Europe, hidden behind sky-high mountains and safely secured in one of the intact areas of this region, it almost leaves an impression of a getaway resort.

Mr. Neil Emilfarb spotted the need of active business people to find a peaceful place that will help them relax with their families, but still keep them close to action. The town of Budva is only 300 miles away from Rome, and you can reach any destination in the western region by a two hour flight. The response was immense, and businessmen from all around the world rushed to get a hold of one of the luxury properties.

Mr. Neil Emilfarb’s Vision in Practice

Managing a project of this size and complexity is truly an ungrateful task. After many difficulties and legal quandaries with the previous investors, but with a lot of support of the local government, Mr. Neil Emilfarb officially opened the Dukley Gardens complex on the first of June, this year.

An investment worth 150 million dollars, the Dukley holds 202 luxury apartments all built and designed according to modern standards, with 5700 square feet penthouse residences and villas surrounded by blooming nature and the beautiful panoramic view at the Adriatic coast – Dukley has it all.

Within the complex you can find a private beach, a marina, and all sorts of activities including tennis and golf, and even a day-care center for your children. In your apartment, you will find a state of the art security system, although your place of residence is inside of the gated community, with solid wood doors and high ceilings, equipped with all appliances that you might possibly need.

Truly a place where you can relax and put your mind to ease! You may decide to dine out at the Dukley Lounge club, or take a walk through the old town and experience some of the non-franchised local cuisine.

The harmony of this place is captivating, and you can embrace it all from the very comfort of your bed, since through every window of this complex you will find yourself facing the beautiful bay area and the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea.

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