Understand Liposuction Surgery Procedure In Details

Liposuction is not a weight reduction procedure, but is performed to reshape multiple or a single area of the body. It is commonly used on those areas that do not respond well to dieting and exercises. In women, it is the hips and thighs, whereas in men it is the back and waist. Other commonly treated parts of the body include abdomen, buttocks, face, neck, upper arms, and legs.

Understand Liposuction Surgery Procedure In Details

Liposuction is used along with other cosmetic surgical processes like breast reduction, abdominoplasty and face-lift.

Medical conditions using liposuction include –

  • Lipomas or Benign fatty tumors
  • Gynecomastia or abnormal enlargement or male breasts
  • Lipodystrophy or issues with fat metabolism
  • Auxiliary hyperhidrosis or excessive sweat in armpits

How efficiently liposuction surgery works?

Basically, fat deposits within small areas can be eliminated effectively with liposuction. However, if you put on weight after liposuction, then fatty bulges are likely to appear, but in different areas. Right after the surgery, some enhancement in body shape is noticed, but after several months, improvement persists till swelling disappears. Final and full results will be experienced after six months.

The skin around treated area gets tightened after some weeks. It depends on the skins elasticity and age.

Improved liposuction techniques

Tumescent liposuction – The area to be treated is numbed with local anesthesia. Large amount of anesthetic solution comprising of epinephrine and lidocaine is injected inside the fatty tissue prior traditional liposuction procedure.

UAL or ultra-sound assisted liposuction – Ultrasound liquefies the fat making its removal easy. It is the best option to eliminate fatty deposits from back and sides of upper abdomen.

LAL or laser assisted liposuction – Low energy waves are used to liquefy fatty deposits then removed with a small cannula.

Post surgery expectations

The treated area is wrapped firmly using elastic bandages, support hose, special girdle, or firm fitting garment to reduce pain, bruising, and swelling. It has to be worn for a month. Expect plenty of swelling and bruising for a week, at least. Fluid may leak from incision sites for some days. Antibiotics will be given to alleviate infection risk.

Many patients walk and move as soon as their sedation wears off. If you feel comfortable, after a few days, then you are allowed to start your normal activities and even go to work. Remember treatment of large areas may take some time to recover.

Understand the risks and benefits

Liposuction performed at the Shaw Center cool body sculpting facility is safe, because the doctors are experienced.

Common liposuction side effects

  • Temporary bruising, swelling, numbness and soreness within and around treated areas
  • Baggy skin. Usually skin tightens and retracts in several months, but some people’s skin lack elasticity and can remain a little loose
  • Minor scarring and irritation around treated sites, where cannulas were inserted
  • Permanent change in skin color
  • Uneven skin surface
  • Damage to skin tissues and nerves due to laser or ultrasound procedure

Benefits of liposuction

  • Body appears slimmer than before
  • Less time consuming and risk free process
  • Expect toned and smooth physical appearance
  • Feel elegant, graceful and more confident, after surgery

People with severe heart issues and blood clotting disorders as well as pregnant ladies are not eligible for liposuction procedure.

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