New Tire Comparison Site Launches In Australia

For the uninitiated, knowing when to replace car tires and where best to buy new ones can be tricky. Plus, tire shops are almost everywhere, so how do you pick the right one?

If you’re in Australia, the entire tire shopping experience shouldn’t be such a chore anymore. TyreCompare, Australia’s newest tire comparison site, promises to eliminate the hassle of choosing and buying tires, and getting them fitted into your vehicle.

New Tire Comparison Site Launches In Australia

How TyreCompare Works

A comparison site with a similar feel to other comparison platforms in Australia, such as, Finder, or Compare the Market, TyreCompare aims to change the tire retail industry. The goal of the website is simple: to help motorists and car owners find the best deal on tires, anytime and anywhere. No need to call around to find the nearest retailer that offers the best prices. Simply visit the website and enter the required information.

TyreCompare lets users narrow down their options according to tire size and vehicle. Once you have entered your tire or vehicle details, you’ll be asked to enter the postcode where the tire will be fitted, as well as your contact details. Then based on the information you entered, you’ll be a shown a list of tire shops and retailers near you, along with tire prices and availability. In 3 easy steps, your tire shopping dilemma is solved!

The Inspiration behind the Business

Matt Banks, founder of TyreCompare, was inspired to set up the business when, as a customer, he had a hard time shopping for tires for his truck. His tire shopping experience was—to say the least—expensive, time-consuming, and complicated than it had to be.

Phoning and visiting a lot of retailers, and checking on the internet only to find store locators made him realize that there might be a better way to make the process easier and more convenient. And from there, TyreCompare was born. Banks spent significant time convincing and partnering with hundreds of tire retailers and stores in Australia to bring consumers the best deals on tires.

TyreCompare officially launched in 2015, but it was during the year that they welcomed a significant number of dealers and retailers, as well as users. Part of the platform’s growing success can be attributed to its ability to let consumers make an informed decision and compare efficiently, instead of being influenced by high-pressure tire salesmen operating at commissions.

TyreCompare—Getting You Back on the Road Fast

Not everyone has the time or the knowledge to shop for tires in the quickest, most hassle-free manner, which is why TyreCompare can be a great lifesaver. You simply input your details, and all the relevant information you need to get back on the road is provided. Plus, the service is free to use so what more could you ask for?

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