5 Ways Your Appearance Can Make or Break Your Chances Of Landing The Job

When it comes to preparing for an interview, the way in which you conduct yourself is the first order of business. It is common knowledge that to land a job, it is critical that you exude professionalism in an interview. Additionally, you must show off interpersonal skills and be able to articulately and intelligently answer any questions. However, there is another side to an interview that can make or break your chances of landing the job. That side of the interview process is your appearance.

5 Ways Your Appearance Can Make or Break Your Chances Of Landing The Job


As most people know, what you wear to an interview is important. It isn’t the most important aspect, however, but it does play a supporting role. As long as you conduct yourself in a professional manner, your clothing will simply support that image. Well-fitting attire shows that you care about yourself as well as the place in which you are trying to work. While your attire should be noticed, it shouldn’t be the only thing that a potential employer remembers about you. Keep it neat, clean, and relevant to the position in which you are applying.

Your Smile

In a job interview, a smile can be an incredibly powerful tool. Not only does a beautiful, vibrant smile affect your overall appearance, but it also makes you appear more at-ease and approachable. A smile can make or break a job interview.

If you’re not confident in your smile, you may want to consider dental work. When you’re confident in your appearance, it shows, and your smile plays a role in how you feel about yourself. Places like the Art of Dentistry Institute can be one option that will provide you with a symmetrical, bright smile. Well-trained dental experts are able to give you the most aesthetically pleasing width-to-length ratio for a radiant smile that can’t be ignored.


It is morally wrong—and illegal—to judge a potential employee based on their weight. Unfortunately, it does happen. Sometimes, employers are influenced by stereotypes, and one in particular is that those who weigh more are lazy. In 2004, Charles Baum of Middle Tennessee State University stated that “obesity could lower a woman’s annual earnings by as much as 6.2% and a man’s as much as 2.3%.”

This is not to say that you need to jump on the treadmill in order to land a job. There are other ways to appear more in-shape, such as wearing dark-colored clothing and practicing better posture. Alternatively, you could implement a healthier lifestyle to not only increase career prospects, but also potentially enhance your quality of life.


We all like to believe that potential employers look for the best possible worker, not the tallest. Unfortunately, studies show that taller individuals often earn more annually. Wiley-Blackwell studies show that for every two inches of height, an individual earns around $950 more per year. Published in “The Economist Record,” the study goes on to state that taller men are considered “more intelligent and powerful.” The same seems to go for women, according to Wiley-Blackwell’s publication.

Appearing taller is as easy as standing up straighter or wearing shoes with slight elevation. For men, dress shoes with a short heel can provide up to two inches of height. For women, high heels are always a possible option.


Unkempt hair, overgrown facial hair, and smelling bad are three certain ways to prevent you from landing a job. When going to an interview, you must be well-groomed. Hair should be neat, facial hair should be shaved or at least trimmed and lined up, and you should smell pleasant—but not potent. Overdoing the cologne or perfume is a sure way to get you out of the interview room quickly.

Bad breath is another factor that could stop you from landing the job. To some, bad breath might indicate that you do not care about how you appear to others. Brush your teeth, use some mouthwash, and keep your breath fresh. Do not chew gum during the interview, as this may be considered rude.

While you should never stand for being discriminated against in a job interview, knowing what potential employers look for can help you better prepare yourself. A nice business suit, a warm smile, flattering clothing, better posture, and a well-groomed appearance are all ways to increase your chances of landing the job. When you look good, you feel good, and it shows.

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