5 Essentials To Master Mobile SEO For Your Business

The last decade has been all about the growth of mobile usage, in fact, a study by Mobile Marketer shows that 30% of all searches are now done on mobile phones, and this number is rapidly increasing. In an age where your customers are often constantly on their phones, mobile SEO should be one of the main things your target in your marketing efforts. Read on to find out top five tips to master mobile seo, and ultimately, improve customer satisfaction rates. 

5 Essentials To Master Mobile SEO For Your Business

Size Matters: Streamline Your Navigation

Mobile devices have much smaller screens than tablets and laptops, plus the majority of them have touch screens. Because of this, you will want to display your content and website in a way that makes them more mobile-friendly. Clicking on your typical website navigation can provide to be tricky for mobile-users, so you will want to utilize vertical navigation systems that make it easier for users to quickly find what they are looking for.

You don’t have to ‘scale to fit’ for your mobile site. In fact, this can be detrimental to your business, as mobile users actually need a whole different style mobile version in order to get the best experience. Instead, you should develop a separate style of website that is totally optimized for mobile-use.

Link to Your Main Website

While you do need a new mobile-friendly version of your website, it’s a wise idea to provide users with a link that allows them to view the desktop version of the site if they wish to do so. Some users simply prefer to browse this way. Place this link somewhere where users can easily find it and make the switch if they want. If you run a physical therapy site, you can optimize your website using Patientsites.

Minimize Data Rich Content

Large images and videos can take much longer to load on mobile devices. This is because many people won’t have as strong as internet connection when they are using their own data plans. So you will want to reduce the amount of rich content that you display, particular on the homepage.

Long loading times can put-off visitors and prevent them from staying on the site. You should also optimize your videos and photos for mobile-use so that it speeds up loading items without altering the video quality too much. Many of the large hosting platforms will automatically do this for you.

Put Social First

Many studies reveal that content people want to see while on their phones differs from that which they want to view on their desktop. When you’re creating your mobile-optimized homepage, it’s a good idea to put a focus on more ‘social’ content. That is to provide content which educates, entertains and inspires the user.

You should also have button links to all of your social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook. These buttons should be visible on all pages of your mobile-site, not just the homepage, and make sure that they are large enough to enable users to easily click on them.  You can even display some content from some of these platforms on your homepage.

Bonus tip: Use user-testing sites to get real, honest opinions from users about your mobile-optimized site. This will give you the best feedback, so that you can make the necessary changes in order to create a slick and sleek mobile site that users love. Incorporate the above tips into your mobile SEO strategy, and you will be sure to improve your mobile site in no time. Good luck.

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