Some Effective Strategies Followed By The Best Rankers In JEE

Cracking the JEE is a daunting task. Every engineering aspirant wants to get a good score in the JEE so that, they can get into the most prestigious engineering institutes of India. Intelligence, hard work and a little bit of luck can ensure that one bags a good all India rank. Intelligence is sometimes enhanced by rigorous practice. Who can deny the best results which practice can give? IIT colleges in India top the preferred list of the candidates in terms of the engineering institutes. This is because of the ambience, the peer factor, the valuable inputs from the professors and the lecturers, the research facilities, alumni network and above all high rate of campus placements. The preparations should start right after the class 10 exam.

Some Effective Strategies Followed By The Best Rankers In JEE

Some capable ones nowadays, start enrolling into foundation courses right from class 7 and 8. Well, this is not the only parameter. If one starts late, one can make it up by hard work in the two years. Though the number of NIT in India has increased now, the exams still remain tough so that the country gets only the best engineers. The Yielding Strategies As every war or policy has a strategy behind it, so does a good rank in the entrance examination. A well chalked out strategy never fails to give a good result. There are some never failing strategies which always produce sure shot results.

They are: 1. A well followed study plan: Every student must develop their unique study plan. These study plans are well understood by the children themselves and should be prepared following own requirements. This study plan includes how many chapters to be studied, the time devoted to each of them, how many practice papers to be solved etc. This plan should also be properly executed.

2. Being aware of the strengths and the weaknesses: Every student himself is the best judge of their own strengths and weaknesses. They should do a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) analysis and judge their own powers and limitations.

3. Enhance Time Management skills: The examination mainly tests how many MCQs can one answer correctly in a stipulated time frame. For this one should practice more and more so that they can answer the maximum number of correct questions. For this one has to find out the shortest approach to any problem.

4. Planning of timetables: The weekly and the daily timetable and its proper following is a very important key to get a good rank. This involves selection a portion which one wants to study in one day. Then one should study it, clear the concepts, solve all the questions associated with it or at least try to solve them and most importantly revise them.

5. Practice previous year papers: Solving papers from the previous years definitely gives an edge to the candidates as they are not only aware of the types of questions but also get a confident approach towards solving the actual paper. One should also make notes of the problems one faces while solving these papers, so that the doubts can be cleared when one goes to the coach next time. IIT in India is a prestigious concept and the above strategies are bound to help an IIT aspirant.

The Psychological Preparation The tips mentioned above are what every one will do to get a good score. But, there is a great deal of psychological preparation as well which helps one to excel. Preparation for the IITs is a nerve wracking task, but it should never get on the nerves. One has to keep cool and think positive. One should understand that this is just another exam and failure to crack it does not mean the end of life. The list of IITs has increased and with sheer perseverance and hard work, one is sure to crack the exam. The word tension should not be in the dictionary at all. One should not deprive himself of adequate sleep because this will do nothing but reduce the retention capacity of the brain. One should stay healthy and drink lots of water. NITs are another category of prestigious institutions for studying engineering. Even NIT ranking is bound to improve if the above tips are followed.

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