Why Corporate Practices Need Mobile Shredding

Despite our best efforts to the contrary, the “paperless society” is still some ways off. Some things absolutely have to be done manually, resulting in a hard copy. Most businesses still have retention policies and tax records must be retained, on paper, according to law. These laws, regarding the way in which confidential material is stored and disposed of, specify penalties for those businesses that fail to comply. Any records containing the personal or commercial information of clients, like account numbers and transaction records, must be securely held and destroyed. While your business works to store its records, invest in a professional mobile shredding service to properly destroy of your unwanted documents.

Relying on in-house destruction can be risky. There are too many instances of an employee discarding older records in publicly accessed disposal bins, potentially exposing these documents to identity thieves. Unfortunately, ignorance of the law is no excuse. If a company decides to designate an employee to handle internal in-house destruction of expired records, and the employee in question fails to dispose of it properly, the business is still culpable. Even if the information isn’t used against a client, its inappropriate exposure is still considered a breach of security as defined by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and can be punishable by law.

In-house destruction of documents and materials can lead to complications of many kinds. The best solution is employing a professional mobile shredding company. The company will be bonded, insured and provide secure destruction and removal of the materials. A service like Absolute Destruction can guarantee the complete and utter destruction of paper documents and digital material once and for all. By using mobile shredders, these representatives can come to your business, which cuts down on the number of places and people with which your confidential material comes into contact. They can also offer a “guarantee of destruction”, proving that their mobile shredders have obliterated all information contained in your documents and digital files. For more information, check out Absolutedestruction.ca/special_process.php to read how it all works.

For years yet to come, business will be producing page after page of physical documents. Until the true “paperless age” has come, it’s your business’ responsibility to ensure these documents are securely stored and properly destroyed. Mobile shredding services are your best answer. They can handle the destruction of your paper documents in addition to any digital media who need disposed.

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