Advantages Of Whatsapp Last Seen Facility

Whatsapp is one of the world’s biggest messaging applications which can be easily downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and after that also the cost of using it is extremely less and almost everyone can afford it. It is becoming bigger and bigger because of the features it provides to its users. And one such feature is the feature of Last Seen. This feature has actually made the chatting experience even better, you can easily check whether the person you are talking to or want to talk to is online or not or at what time he was online last.

Advantages Of Whatsapp Last Seen Facility

This feature of Whatsapp Last Seen proves out to be very useful in many cases, when someone seriously wants to know the last seen of the person he/she wants to talk. But some people don’t want anyone to check their last seen as they prefer their privacy a lot, so for all those people too Whatsapp has done something. Whatsapp has simply provided an option for those people in the settings menu of Whatsapp, from where a person can simply close the last feature. And then onwards, no one can see the last seen of you and also you cannot see the last seen of any other person after that. This app is now on the way of building a very new feature that is, creating a new interface for Note 6, Galaxy S7, iPhone 8 and even xperia z6!

Also the feature of seen in messages is also very useful and very smartly executed by Whatsapp. As, it has very clearly been explained by Whatsapp, that when you send someone a message, a single tick is shown when it is sent from your side, and as soon as the other person receives your message that single tick will be converted into a double tick. And as soon as that person reads your message that double tick will be converted into a blue colored double tick from grey colored double tick. And if because of some connectivity problem or some other issues your message was unable to send, then a clock is shown in front of your message until it is sent to the person you wanted it to be sent.

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