Air: The Future Of Home Automation Is Already Here

What can you do in 30 minutes? Take a small nap, watch your favourite TV serial’s episode, check your pending mails, have your breakfast or even get your entire house automated so as it to work entirely from your phone! Yes it’s true. Very true. ’AIR’, a product by company ‘Leaf Technologies’ brings your home alive. AIR makes it more intelligent and comfortable for you. It’s like with AIR, the house gives the welcome you need.

Air: The Future Of Home Automation Is Already Here

Composition of AIR

What exactly is AIR? In simple terms, it is an electronic device which connects to all the appliances of your house and lets you control the appliances using an app on your smartphone. It has three parts – the AIR unit, Switchboard modules and a smartphone app (available for Android and iOS). The AIR unit is the central unit that controls everything using the switchboard modules which are installed behind your existing switchboards. The AIR unit is connected to the Leaf Cloud Network through your home’s router. This gives the benefit of controlling your appliances from anywhere. Literally anywhere!

The ‘AIR’ flow

AIR works in following simple steps –

  1. You tell the smartphone app to do a task like switching off the lights.
  2. The app relays this message to the Leaf cloud network, which sends the message to the AIR unit installed on one of your walls.
  3. The AIR unit relays this message to the switchboard modules.
  4. The modules turn off the switch which in turn switches off the lights.

Easy as a pie and at the mercy of your touch! A simple device that turns your smartphone into a universal remote.

Fitting it in

Air: The Future Of Home Automation Is Already Here

It fits right in the existing scheme of things. No trouble and extra cost of rewiring, no breaking walls and sockets and also the installation is completely free. If you change houses, for two years the reinstallation is taken care of. Another big concern which is addressed is that AIR is compatible with the existing appliances you have. No changing of appliances is needed.

Your Home Breathes with AIR

AIR is a home automation system that makes your home come alive. Its uses and vast benefits make your home truly responsive to your needs and desires.

  • Omnipresent Dictator – A dictator is known for absolute control. And that is exactly what AIR gives you over your house. A complete and absolute control over all the aspects of your home. From lighting, to the AC, to the geyser, etc. You need not be everywhere in the house. Just like air, AIR makes you omnipresent. AIR gives you so much control sitting at one place anywhere in the world that the house feels you are everywhere in the house. A truly omnipresent experience! Just a touch on your smartphone is what it takes.
  • Detective – It detects or we can say feels your presence. It turns off the lights when you go out and turns them back on when you return. When you are out, coming home, a simple touch on your smartphone readies your home for welcoming you. Everything is at optimum level by the time you enter the home.
  • Great Student -It’s as if there’s an AI (Artificial Intelligence) in our house, which identifies and responds to our needs. It learns your preferences. It keeps on learning through interactions. It even studies routines and behaves accordingly. It adapts to your living styles.
  • Obedient Servant – It schedules tasks and performs them. Right from making coffee in the morning while you are still in bed to readying hot water for bath after a long day, it can do all.
  • Energy saver – Its AI saves a lot of energy and reduces wastage of electricity by turning off the appliances which are no longer in need. It detects your presence or absence to save power. Apart from this, this home manager gives you a detailed report of monthly and weekly electricity consumption, weekly electricity bills, energy intensive appliances, etc.
  • Life Saver and Watchdog – It detects intruders and lets you know if anyone tries to enter without permission. It’s much smarter than this. It also protects the house from voltage fluctuations and locks appliances and switchboards to avoid accidental touch by the children.

Should one go for it?

Looking at AIR one can definitely say that this is what the future homes will look like. And the best part is that you can enjoy the futuristic experience in the present, as AIR is in the market now. Easy installation, complete control, intelligent AI, etc. are the ways forward and AIR strikes a perfect balance between them. And it actually saves a lot of energy and time in day to day life. Just as they say while describing AIR, “What if you could buy time?” You will find that one surely can with AIR!

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