Burglar Alarms: All About The Technology

Well, in the 21st century, it is important to have burglar alarm systems installed at our homes and in the commercial spaces. Security and safety are some of the biggest concerns of this age. Whether it is money, household items or any other valuables we are trying to protect, humans have resorted to devising many new methods to ensure that no financial losses occur.

Burglar Alarms: All About The Technology

There are various kinds of technologies that we employ to keep our treasured valuables safe. One of these is definitely a burglar alarm and there are various players in this industry as well. Now, what makes a burglar alarm worth all the hype? Why is it the number one choice for consumers across the globe?

The technology behind alarm systems is quite simple. It works on the principle of securing the perimeter by monitoring the area 24*7 as well as making sure that there is no intruder who can gain access into the home.

Let’s look at some of the Elements of Burglar Alarms:

Burglar Alarms: All About The Technology

GPRS- A burglar alarm system is engineered to provide monitoring around the clock. It is necessary to ensure that a home is safe and should a break-in happen, information will be sent to the service centre through the help of GPRS.

This kind of software enables homes without a fixed landline to still have an alarm. The specificities then are that it helps the receiving centre a tab on your home in your absence.

Fire safety- Not only does a home alarm system provide safety from intruders or burglars, it also helps keep the home or office space safe from threats of fire damage. This is always something that is extremely beneficial for a home because it ensures that along with the security of the premises, a form of insurance against natural disasters is available.

Wireless or wired- Depending upon the kind of security you need in your office or domestic space, there are a variety of different hardware options for a burglar alarm system. You can choose a wired alarm system for a smaller space.

In case, you do not like wires creating a hassle around the house and own a larger home, then there is always the option of going wireless.

Pet-conducive environment- Now, most often, especially in earlier times, burglar alarm systems used to be triggered due to maybe a pet crossing the perimeters or a stray cat jumping fences. The software earlier made it quite impossible to detect such unimportant intrusions.

But the new and improved technology used in alarm systems now helps pets or even stray cats walk around without triggering any false alarms inside the home or in the compound. This includes while the family is out on a brief vacation or a day out and any pets are left home.

So, since you understand the new and improved software of burglar alarms, how about you have an alarm from companies such as Intruder Alarms installed to protect all that is valuable?

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