Choosing The Right PDF To Word Converter

One of the common problems most office workers face is recreating PDF files to Word format, as they spend more than enough time re-typing from scratch in Microsoft Word. You need not go through all this stress anymore as there are lots of reliable PDF to Word Converter available on the market today.

Choosing The Right PDF To Word Converter

Tips to convert PDF documents into Word file successfully

You may sometimes be wondering why your documents convert to an image instead of text. Some PDF conversions doesn’t also have the same format as the original. Here are some few tips to help with your PDF conversion easily and successfully.

Opt for the right conversion option

There are lots of choices available to choose from including Flowing, Continuous, Plain Text, or Exact. If you are looking to maintain the key elements of a document but plan on doing little edits, the best option to choose is Flowing. Exact is the best mode to choose if you want the same output as the PDF file.

Proper font

Sometimes the fonts in the conversion output looks quite different from the original. The reason for such disparity is because your system does have the same fonts as the original document. The best thing to do is to install the exact font on your computer, after which you can continue with your conversions.

Know the correct password

Some PDF files are password protected. So you need to contact the creator or anyone who knows the password before you can edit or convert the document.

Choosing the right PDF to Word converter

There are lots of PDF to Word converter available on the market today, thus making opting for the most reliable one a bit difficult. However, you can easily choose the best one by going through the features each of these converter software has to offer. Using a powerful converter program with convenient features is considered a great choice, especially if you are looking to do document conversion promptly and professionally.

Free Trial

Before choosing a PDF to Word converter, it is highly recommended to free trial the software before spending your hard earned cash on it. High quality conversion is the key element for users. The text, fonts, images and layout should look exactly as the original document in the Word document after conversion.

Price comparison

Another factor to consider before choosing the right PDF to Word converter is price. Some are expensive with a price tag as high as $300, while others are cheap costing about $20. It may be surprising to know that the cheaper ones can sometimes do a better job.

User friendliness

One of the most valuable thing in life is time. No one will be willing to use a software which is difficult to use. Therefore, user friendliness is another factor to consider when considering which converter to opt for.

Free online converters

There are many online converters that can do the job quickly and for free, although they may not have as many options as the professional software. Converting PDF documents into Microsoft Word documents is fast and easy with FoxyUtils PDF to Word Converter. Conversion is done is a couple of clicks offering you the chance to start editing immediately. This one yields the output in the Exact mode, looking quite close to the original PDF and the output Word file has multiple text boxes which can be edited quickly.

Another option is the Nitro PDF to Word Converter where the input PDF file can be uploaded and the resulting DOC file is delivered through email after a short while.

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