Galaxy Note 5 Release Date, Price, Specs And Features

Samsung just sent out invites for a press event in New York City which is set for August 13. We expect Samsung to introduce the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Plus during this event. This is according to the rumours which have been flooding the internet.

Galaxy Note 5 Release Date, Price, Specs And Features

The rumour is up that Samsung will be holding the launch of the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus early due to Apple’s impending iPhone 6s and 6s Plus launch in September.

In recent years, Samsung has revealed its new Galaxy Note devices at the IFA trade show in Berlin, scheduled for September 4-9 this year. There were reports that it would instead hold an event in mid-august.

The Galaxy Note 5 is primed to take further steps into the domain of premium feel. This will have a metallic unibody.

There are chances that Samsung will rule out expandable storage and a removable battery in this model.

We probably will not see a 4k resolution just yet. This would surely be too costly and far too hard on the battery.

The chances are that we will see the display which is no different from the Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung will be using its own chipset on the Note 5 which current rumours suggest will be Exynos 7422 chip.

The Exynos 7422 chip is said to combine an octa core CPU, GPU and RAM and Samsung’s Shanon LTE modem in all-in-one package.

This will be new for Samsung. The reason for Samsung to use their own chipset is because they split with Qualcomm.

If the battery has to be improved any further Samsung will have to make the phone longer or wider. But +–it seems Samsung is not going to be altering the size a great deal.

Both the phones are likely to get upgraded to Android M which has upgraded power management features further improving the battery usage, hence saving on more battery.

It is possible for the phone to have front facing speakers.

Based on what has been leaked so far about the Galaxy Note 5 it seems like an enlarged version of the Galaxy S6 with a stylus. latest galaxy note 5 cases leak images also indication same thing.

The phablet also appears to be having the same materials which were used in the Galaxy S6. If this is so the Galaxy Note 5 will also have an aluminumunibody. This means that this device will not come with a removable rear panel or a removable battery which is one topic everybody is talking about. Ideally it will be good if Samsung does not rule this out, as people prefer the removable battery concept.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will approximately cost you around 1000 USD which is even additional than the estimated price of the iPhone 7.

If the prices are close enough when launched we cannot say how many people would actually buy a phone that expensive. Not that people have not been buying though. A $1000 mobile phone?

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