Get To Know More About The Electronic Pill

It is the world of the latest technology. An enhancement in the technology leads to the existence of various companies and industries in different parts of the world, serving different purposes. The development in technology is not only creating the life of a person more relaxed and comfortable, but it is also improving the existence of the patients. The technology has turned into a boon to the people. For different sectors, the technology has offered different gadgets. When it comes to the treatment, the technology also plays an important role. Electronic pill is the technology available for patients to diagnose their diseases and take one step towards their treatment process.

In the daily life, a doctor is unable to treat the patient in definite thin and tiny tissues. In these situations, the electronic pill proves beneficial for them.

About Electronic Pill

Electronic pill serves as the diagnostic tool.  It is used by a wide range of doctors in different parts of the world, when they feel difficulty in operating the patient on the manual basis and offering the treatment process. There are some capsules such as PoC (Parmacy on Chip) and Loc (Lab On chip), which are used in recent times. These capsules are used to perform the complicated and hard treatments. According to the type of function they perform, 2 types of capsules are available such as sensors and actuators. Both the capsules perform different functions. The actuators serve as drug delivery units to the patient, whereas on the other hand, the sensors are capable of sensing the features such as temperature, heartbeat, pH levels and many others.

Get To Know More About The Electronic Pill

Processor Used

This technological pill is designed to offer duplex communication or interaction to the body and from the body. It works in such a manner by activating an actuator for delivering the drug that is packed in the container of the drugs. To perform the artificial intelligent function, a processor is used, known as SIRIUS (Small Imprint RISC for Ubiquitous Systems). In fact, this type of processor is capable of performing well with the Motorola 68xxx processor and ATMEL AVR architectures.

There are different specifications of the processor used in this latest technological gadget. Some specifications are: pointers of 32 and 16 bit address support, 16 or 32 internal bus structures along with the 32 bits ALU, the data bus and address bus are multiplexed in nature and many others.

How Many Sensors Used?

When it comes to sensors used in the pill, there are 4 sensors. These are integrated in 2 different chips known as Chip 1 and Chip 2. You can find out more information about this electronic pill by going online and choosing the best and reliable technology networking platform. There are so many networking and ecommerce platforms available on the internet, offering the information and news and shopping solutions respectively, related to all the latest technological devices for tech lovers. These platforms are also beneficial for businesses, students and professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills related to the technology. In this manner, a person can buy and get information about the latest technological devices in an easy and quick manner.

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