How Smartphone Radiation Could Harm Our Children?

For any parent, the well being of their children is a top priority. We always teach and nurture our children, so they can have strong minds and bodies. Unfortunately, it is increasingly challenging to teach them how to be safe in the rapidly changing world. Children and teenagers have an insatiable appetite for using the latest mobile device models. In fact, phone vendors, distributors and network providers are raking in billions of dollars by capitalizing on younger generation. With so many interesting offers, it is incredibly easy for us to ignore potential disasters caused by improper use of smartphones. Parents would never intentionally allow their children to become exposed with various unknown risks that may potentially ruin their health.

Almost each night, children take their mobile phones routines to bed and hide them under their pillows to receive text or instant messages from friends. In this case, smartphones will continue to transmit microwaves, which could affect the brain, because they are mere inches from our children’s head. The prolonged exposure could extend to about 7 or 8 hours each day.

How Smartphone Radiation Could Harm Our Children

It is just one of the unacceptable behaviours that many children do innocently each day, so we should make sure that they don’t do this. While radiation exposure won’t cause immediate deaths, the effects could occur after a few years. They may complain with acute headaches and emotional disturbances as young adults. It is also widely believed that prolonged exposure to microwave radiation could cause cellular alterations in the brain and some cells could become very active in multiplying, resulting in malignant brain tumors.

It should be noted that although there’s no valid evidence that microwave is a carcinogen, human brains are designed to work in microwave-free environment and the addition of one risk factor could result in unexpected things, including a variety of health issues. Although we may trust major phone makers somewhat, less popular smartphone producers could skew test results and under-report the specific absorption rate (SAR) rating. This rating is measured by determining the amount of radiation people get from a smartphone placed just one inch away. These concerns have been also voiced by some prominent oncologists who see real risks of prolonged exposure of microwave on human body.

Unfortunately, many children as young as seven already receive their first smartphone. Parents may initially consider phones as tools for education and safety, but they neglect the importance of proper usages. It is important to instruct children on proper smartphones usages. In fact, parents could take the phone away after children arrive from school and give it again before they go to school. This will teach children in how to use smartphones responsibly and safely. Many governments also lack concerns in possible risks of radiation on consumers. Smart consumers always become aware and educate themselves. They don’t trust the industries blindly, since their aim is to generate as much profit as possible. We need to be aware of possible risk factors and misinformation.

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