iOS 9 Latest Feature: Updated Notes App

There are various apps you see on a regular basis. Some gets attention, some may flop but the invention is always on. Apple is keenly involved in presenting new and latest features in iOS 9 upgradation. iOS 9 is involved in more and more features introduction which will be boon for the technology world to get long term benefit. I am hoping this will go forever.

iOS 9 Latest Feature: Updated Notes App

Do you think there would be any company will come out to compete the Apple? For now, it cannot be possible as Apple is the king. It discovers first any apps or features. It is the master of all.

Check this time in my post the app which might not be the favorite around but it will stand out.  At the WWDC Notes app got a full coverage and unexpected makeover. Now you can say it has got something nice about its features.

Turn your head and take a look at the Design and interface section. Notes can now after makeover will create more changes in your life. It can easily create to-do lists. You need to tap the tick in a circle and it will let you enter the given paragraph as a bullet point, and after that you can default to that for subsequent paragraphs. checl also latest concept design of iphone 8

Apple has also included a noticeable new feature that we can only explain as a digital scribble and it will be helpful in creating contexts than that implies. You can opt for the anywhere in your note and you can tap the squiggle icon to the right of the QuickType suggestions and Notes will let you open the new window in which you can doodle to the content. i am waiting for ios 10 for more features

There is witty ruler feature that tap the icon and can turn the ruler wherever you want it to any direction. You can rotate it with two fingers and then draw it along with one of the other pen tools. You have privilege to draw it in eight different colors. So you are around the much more options for the exciting stuffs. There is only idea is that you need not to replace dedicated art apps for the sake to allow you to instantly write out a basic concept for a friends to look at those stuffs. It means you can show your friend your art work by sending them via various mediums.

So overall this is amazing app which will help you in solving tremendous issues of daily lives. You will have no feeling of gap that you are not having anything which makes you, coming out from the prob. So, in today’s fast life updating yourself with the latest app is always appreciable and set you stand from others.

With the notes app you will be more productive than others. There is no second thought that this app will bring positive changes in your life. You will be connected to your work far easier along with fun.

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