MICROMAX Is Here To Stay For Long, A Review Of 3 Flagship Smartphones

Success comes in small packages but what if there are multiple small packages for a company. The success can accumulate and become a huge inspiring one. From a company known for its low priced Indian phones to one of the top mobile selling company, Micromax has come a long way in this highly competitive segment filled with all kinds of players ready to cache in.

MICROMAX Is Here To Stay For Long, A Review Of 3 Flagship Smartphones

Let us look into the 3 flagship smartphones of Micromax this year till now. The phones that we chose to review are as follows:-

1. Micromax Canvas Knight A350

2. Micromax Nitro A311

3. Micromax Canvas Juice 2 AQ5001

Micromax Canvas Knight A350

Impressive design, comes in 3 types of color combination, bar like shape easy to handle and comfortable to lift i.e not very heavy. The device was launched last year when octa core processors were trending in market.

Micromax gave this device the best of everything considering the time then. An impressive 441 ppi, latest Android, 2GB RAM, 16mp front camera, 8mp secondary camera and a battery of 2350 mAH. By design and specifications this phone could have started a vendetta for smartphones packed with features at rock bottom prices. However, the reality is always different from the script. The phone did create some sensation in the market but not as was expected by the company.

Overall a very decent device if you have a budget constraint and don’t want to compromise on the features. One should not hesitate in such a situation.

Micromax Nitro A311

One can say the phone is a carbon copy of Canvas knight to a large extent with few minor changes here and there. This is how it works, company launches a phone. Receives feedback for it then Micromax is left with two options either they can launch a phone with a new name or they can launch a newer version under the same brand name. In this case Micromax decided to come up with a newer brand name.

Except the camera (13mp), battery (2500mAH) and display there isn’t much change in the device compared to Canvas Knight. But having said that one must understand that Canvas Knight was an impressive device considering the price range it was placed in, similar is the case with this device infact a notch higher.

Again phone is a very good buy for users who are looking for good budget phones.

Micromax Juice 2 AQ5001

Launched 2 months back Micromax juice 2 has all the juice which an average user seeks these days in a smartphone. The average amount spent by users on smartphones is in the range of 7.5k to 9k. Using this insight Micromax was spot on with their latest launch.

Juice 2 comes with an impressive 5 inch IPS LCD capacitive screen having a dpi of 294. Packed with quad core processor providing latest android v5.0 Juice 2 have an internal memory of 8GB which is like a standard in phones falling in this price range. Playing it safe by providing 2GB RAM was a good effort, it is one of the possible ways of solving the long term hang problems with low priced devices.

One of the best smartphones launched in the recent times packed with decent enough features for an average whatsapp facebook user. One should give a thought twice before buying this smartphone as there are multiple other options available in this price range, most of them better than the product by Micromax.

Micromax being famous for budget smartphones is sticking to their forte i.e analysing the market and then picking best from all the leading players and then come up with their own complete smartphone which most of the people can afford. Seems like their strategy is working for now as they are one the leading players in India. Future is surely bright for them.

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