Mobile Phones Buying Guide

Mobile phones are more than just devices that can help us contact others. They are now multi-function gadgets that can offer a variety of capabilities. There are a number of things to address if we are planning to buy a mobile phone. We should device which model that suits our requirements. It is also important to decide which model that comes with great accessories and extras. Different people have different requirements and the main question is whether the phone could serve much of our communication requirements.


Although students typically have much less money to splurge, they can also benefit from the use of mobile phone. Parents may need to choose models with more basic requirements and avoid purchasing high-end models for their children.

Busy parents

Parents should be able in touch in odd places and at odd times with their family members, whether they are working or not. Parents should make sure that their devices have reliable network capability. Because parents typically take pictures of their small children, a good photography feature should be handy.

Mobile Phones Buying Guide

Business professionals

Business professionals regularly travel around the world and the may want to stay in touch with their colleagues on the go. For this purpose, it is important for them to choose smartphone models with embedded photography, video calls, web connectivity, email, cloud and instant messaging features. They should also benefit from the hands-free capability.


Travellers need phones that can work in most countries across different time zones. Other than web connectivity and multimedia capability; phones for travellers should have reasonably large power capacity and removable, so they can replace the depleted power pack with fully-charged batteries on the go.

Mobile phones are available in many flavours and configuration. Slider and flip models are preferred due to their small size. However, latest trend in the industry seem to be about models with the larger display size with reasonably thin chassis. Some models have swivel camera that allow users to take selfies and perform video calls with the main camera. Some phablets are large enough to allow users to edit their documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Size and resolution of the display vary widely, some models have tiny 3-inch display and the biggest phablets come with 6.4-inch display. High-end models are equipped with Full HD 1080p and Quad HD resolutions. There are different options of internal storage, from 4GB on low-end models to 128GB on special high-end ones. It is a good idea to choose models with microSD card slot, if we prefer to store much multimedia content.

While basic non-smartphone models can last for a couple weeks on a single charge, powerful smartphones could have their batteries depleted in just 6 hours; depending on the usage patterns. Therefore, travellers should consider choosing models that last longer. Photography feature is one of the most important selling points of today’s smartphone models. Some could have low resolution sensors with blurry results, while others come with 13Mp sensors or higher with photography quality that match or exceed common point-and-shoot cameras.

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