Newest Camera and Some Features In iPhone 8

IOS 8 will be a huge range of new features, with some exciting updates to the Camera and Photos applications. Users will learn how to install the new update and use these brand new photography features.

Newest Camera and Some Features In iPhone 8

IOS 8 will be a free update and will be compatible with these devices: iPhone 4s or newer, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad 2 or newer. To update your iPhone to iOS 8, simply go to Settings > General > Software Update, then follow the on-screen instructions, and you will get the latest update of apple. Note that the updating task takes around 30 minutes or more, and other peoples won’t be able to use your iPhone 8 while the new software is installing. Once you have updated your device to iOS 8, you will be able to use the new photography features.

The updated Camera app in iOS 8 has three new features like a manually exposure adjustment, a time-lapse video mode, and a self timer. So, iphone lovers can enjoy more with these new features.

It is a latest new tool which one is going to make such a difference when trying to get the right exposure using the Camera app.

Previously, users have to set focus and exposure together, which was often frustrating as the user might, wants to set focus for one part of the scene and exposure for another. User could use other camera apps such as Camera+ to take photos with separate focus and exposure points, but now anyone can use the native Camera app to set the focus and then manually adjust the exposure just before taking the photo. Start like tapping the part of the screen that you want to set focus for, this would be on the main subject of the photo to ensure that it is in sharp focus.When users tap to set focus, a yellow square with a sun icon comes out where user can tapped to indicate the focus point. Is also the point that the camera has set exposure for. iPhone 8 is going to be a insane crazy and amazing piece of tech by tech! However, often the exposure so the camera sets based on the focus point does not look good.

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