Reasons Why Parents Should Consider Giving Their Children Smartphones

Whether or not to buy your child a smartphone is an on-going debate amongst parents. Most parents really don’t understand the purpose that the smartphone will play in their child’s life, and therefore don’t see a need for it. Everybody believes that children need to go out and play more often than be attached to their gadgets.

Reasons Why Parents Should Consider Giving Their Children Smartphones

Therefore, most of us are averse to buying smartphones for our kids. This article will actually help you understand the need of having smartphones and whether or not to buy one for your child.

Why Your Child Needs a Smartphone?

Before planning to buy N1 mini mobile for your child, read the reasons to buy it.

  • The GPS in these phones will come very handy at times. Your child will never get lost with their smartphone in hand, as they can not only find their way back home with the help of the GPS, but you can also keep track their whereabouts.
  • There are loads of educational apps on the smartphones that will help them with their studies. Schools also use twitter and their own websites to send updates and study materials.
  • With the help of the scheduling apps you can easily schedule all the various activities and also set reminders so that your child never misses out on any of them.
  • It is also important for today’s kids to socialise with their peer group, and they can easily do that through the many social networking sites on their smartphones.
  • The facility to send pictures and videos to others is a feature that is very useful. You can now be a part of your child’s life without being physically present with them at all times.
  • It will build a sense of responsibility in children as they will learn to take good care of their prized possessions.

The Right Age to Give a Smartphone:

Now that you are more or less convinced that smartphones is really needed by your children for various reasons, the next big question is what will be the right age to give them one. It actually depends on your financial situation, the child’s needs and how responsible he or she is.

While about 56% of the parents feel that 10-13 is the right age, there are about 25% parents who agree to give their child a smartphone at the age of 5. What you do need to consider here is that the minute the child is handed with one, the exposure increases many folds, whether it is educational apps, social media and even cyber bulling.

Your child must be old enough to identify and act responsibly in such cases. Very small children might not be apt to handle such instances. In case you do plan to give your very small child a smartphone, you will need to closely monitor the usage till the child becomes responsible enough.

In case you are concerned about the type of sites your child is visiting on the smartphone, there are many different apps that will help monitor and block such sites. For all responsible and aware parents, giving a smartphone to their child is actually a better and safer option.

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