The Benefits Of The Highly Reliable Military Power Supplies

There are significant similarities between the military power supplies and industrial power supplies. However, military operations demand that power supplies have  increased reliability, durability, and ruggedness. This means that the devices and supplies must, therefore, be able to perform flawlessly in a variety of harsh terrains and harsh climates. Power supplies must also be able to perform long cycles of use with minimal maintenance.

The Benefits Of The Highly Reliable Military Power Supplies


Nowadays military units have adopted the performance and reliability standards of COTS (commercial off the shelf supplies). In the field use, such standards might be insufficient due to the ever changing and demanding specific-missions requirements. Devices that endure extreme and extensive use like military aircraft and the armored vehicles require a more rigorous design. They are required to offer high-level performance at high-level conditions without failure.

For the military defense industry, keeping ruggedness in mind, the following components are manufactured:

• Inverters: The AC-DC inverters provide reliable, robust and low maintenance current inversions which are used in aircrafts, vehicles and ships. They are light in weight and to give them an endurance to overcome harsh environmental challenges. The AC-DC inverters have the ability to convert high voltages from one level to another while ensuring protection from short circuiting, overheating and over-voltage.

• Heavy Duty AC – DC Converters: The military rank converters should be able to resist the worst humidity and withstand the highest loads. They should also be able to withstand heavy condensation and high impact shocks. They power both the airborne and the shipboard equipment and are extensively operated off battlefield generators.

• QPL Transformers:These transformers which include the 100-watt DC-AC switchers, are perfectly designed to withstand the most extreme cold conditions like outer space and endure substantial stress like rocket lift-off. These are unique, durable power supply components used in rockets, spy satellites and other aeronautical paraphernalia.

• Over Voltage Safety: This helps in preventing voltage spikes in power supply or devices relying on the provision of these units for power.

• Single-phase transformers: The military rank transformers are specially used in airborne applications and missile, as well as submarines and tanks. The finest quality of transformers should be able to endure working under extreme temperature protect them from excessive sunlight, humidity, dust, salt, altitude, fungus and vibrations, they are encapsulated.

• Three-Phase Transformers: The Three-phase transformer is specially designed to meet extreme high-temperature resistance for military telecommunications and electronics. The three phase transformers are encapsulated to protect against the extreme temperature conditions like the single phase transformers. The best of them are fairly solid.

High Standards

To ensure quality in performance in the often challenging and diverse deployment environments, military power supplies must be of very high standards. The construction and meticulous designs of these power supplies enables lower weight, smaller size, and high efficiency. High standards meet the challenges of the complexity of distributed systems and multi-voltage electronics. The ways in which these military power supplies provide superior performance are outlined below.

• Military power supplies must be able to handle considerable shock and vibration. This kind of shock is not that simple jostling occurring in airplane trips and trains, but those of wheeled and tracked military vehicle as well as the effect of other artillery fire.

• The power units for the military can withstand extreme temperatures above 80 degrees Celsius and -40 degrees Celsius. Shock are also a consideration in extreme situations like these.

• Military vehicles and aircraft provide three main operational modes: emergency, normal and abnormal. These supplies must support all these specific voltage ranges that are encountered for each mode of operation.

• Military power supplies support lower input signals and high voltages than the COTS used by air traffic control facilities and military hospitals.

• These supplies require substantial protection from power spikes and lightning strikes.

• Due to tactical needs, these military supplies require noise reduction.

• These power supplies do not necessarily mean to be waterproof but are able to withstand blow rain, drip, and humidity and utilize the GORE TEX® vent. For airborne vehicles, weight-saving solutions are required like the urethane coatings applied to circuit boards in any encounter with moisture.

Relief clip connector covers and shrouded connectors prevent accidental user contact with exposed bus bars and screw terminal strips. They prevent users from injury risk from inadvertent contact. Installation of thick insulators and high clearance for high voltage circuits. These are the CE requirements that comply with the EN601010-1 safety standards

High Technology

Ruggedness and extreme reliability are not just enough. They must perform diagnostic operations on their own. Some power supplies have N+1 redundancy during the primary unit failure. Technicians are permitted to perform troubleshoot on devices before they stop working completely. When needed most, it’s too risky for military equipment to breakdown.


Although the military supplies are have three configurations that are similar to the COTS supplies – DC-DC, AC-DC, and DC-AC, they may not be more different in reliability. The extension of these reliability is to a wide temperature range as well as high shock and extreme shock.

The Value of Upgrading Your Power Supplies

It is important to upgrade to more and reliable power models available even though military supplies can be outdated. Every two years, military supplies are updated, and you can secure the best in the market. During the extended critical military operations, an uninterruptible power supply is critical. Industry regulations require that products are repairable even though upgrading it makes safer and effective to use.

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