There Are Certain Myths Attached With the Use of Solar Energy: Here They Are

There is nothing more powerful than free media. This freedom has led to certain myths about the use of solar power. No doubt, that there has been tremendous growth in the technology of cell phones. The growth has been dramatic and same with the solar panels. Once you install these panels you are free for decades. You may use the energy as much as you want.

There Are Certain Myths Attached With the Use of Solar Energy

The energy may be used even when the weather is bad and post sunset. There are certain parts in the world where you hardly get to feel the heat of the sun. They are installed even in such places to provide solar energy.Bay Area solar is one destination where you may gain more knowledge about this alternative source.

Energy stored in batteries – The myth attached

Almost all solar panels these days come with a grid attached. This denotes that they are very well connected to the traditional grid of electricity. The system that you installed generates power while the sun is shining brightly and overproduced energy is transferred back to the grid. This process of transferring the energy back is called ‘net metering’.

The usage of net metering is definitely good, as the government provides you with the credits. You are not even charged extra for the energy that you have not used. This grid method is the best and used maximum by the home owners.

Features attached with the batteries:-

  • They are expensive investment
  • They are very bulky to handle
  • Once installed you are free for a decade

The maintenance factor – The myth

There is not really any moving part attached to these solar power systems. This is the primary reason that they do not need much maintenance. All you need to do is clean the panels with a hose once in a year. However, many of them do not clean the system rather rely on monsoon for this job.

It is the debris that causes trouble the most. If you keep the area clean for efficient functioning, the system will run very well and without causing trouble.

Deteriorates the roof – The myth attached

It is nothing but a myth that they spoil your roof and ultimately damage your home. The fact is, they protect the area that they cover. Moreover, even if the problem arises, you may easily replace the system to repair the roof.

Most of the solar panels aren’t attached to the roof and are movable. If you already know that your roof has been leaking, it is better to get it repaired before you install the system on the terrace.

The system of solar power is a boon in the genre of technology. The point is very much simple that if plants may make the use of the energy emitted from the sun, humans are more dynamic to use it in better ways. Avoid the use of fossil fuels instead opt for alternative source of energy like solar power.

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