UC – 40 400 Lumens Two Colors Portable Home Mini LED Projector Support AV/SD/VGA/HDMI – WHITE

LED projectors are one of the most useful equipment which is used for official and personal purposes. A variety of projector is fitted in the conference halls and discussion rooms, to display the PPTs and have a knowledge sharing session with the employees. However on the other hand, projectors when used for personal purpose can be installed within the drawing halls to have a good and fun time with family and friends watching some of the best entertaining shows. For individuals who are interested in purchasing projectors, but are not able to reach out to the best one, then probably UC – 40 400 Lumens Two Colors Portable Home Mini LED Projector Support AV/SD/VGA/HDMI –  WHITE is the right choice to make. This much needed and useful product can be purchased online from gearbest.com at an affordable price of USD 45.41.

UC - 40 400 Lumens Two Colors Portable Home Mini LED Projector Support AV/SD/VGA/HDMI - WHITE


Some of the features in the product mentioned below includes in the following;

  1. It is fully sealed design and has efficient heat dissipation.
  2. It is easy to carry and is portable in nature which makes it one of the best products to use and carry.
  3. The zooming function for image can be used to make necessary adjustments and watch the whole picture.
  4. The projection has both LCD and LED features which are quite useful and helps individual to enjoy supreme quality of the whole feature presentation.
  5. The 3-1 AV input makes it more useful to use.
  6. The memory SD card can be expanded as per the requirement of user.
  7. 24W ultra low power consumption is facilitated.

Apart from the above mentioned features, it is important for the customers to be aware of the product specifications which shall assist them make the right choice of product.


Some of the major specifications of the product which can help an individual decide if the product should be purchased or not has been mentioned below;

  • The model of the product is UC 40.
  • It is available in two colors i.e. white and black.
  • The material of the product is plastic and glass.
  • The resolution size provided in the projector is 480 x 320, with brightness of 400 lumens and contrast ratio of 300:1.
  • The image size is 20-120 inches, which guarantees customers complete screen display.
  • The product weight is quite less i.e. 0.386 kgs making it easy for the customers to carry it to different places and make the most of it.

It is clear that the above mentioned specifications makes the product one of the best to use and once you have ordered it, the whole package shall contain one projector, a remote control, power adopter, 1 x 3 cable. Thus these fittings can be used to install the projector and use it for different purposes. Moreover, once the product has been ordered the online website makes sure to deliver the product in the right condition to the door step of the customer. Hence you need not have to bother much about the condition, because the products are packed and shipped keeping in mind the safety issues of the product.

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