What You Can Do With An Electrical Engineering Degree

Pursuing a degree in electrical engineering is a smart choice. What can you do with an electrical engineering degree? It can provide you an entry level pathway to a variety of careers.

What You Can Do With An Electrical Engineering Degree

Hardware Engineer

One of the more straightforward career paths you can take with an electrical engineering degree is that of a hardware engineer. Hardware engineers design new hardware and create blueprints of new hardware that is to be built. They are also in charge of analyzing and testing their designs and modifying them as needed. As a hardware engineer, you may be asked to update existing hardware and equipment, oversee the manufacturing process of new hardware, or source new hardware components.

I.T. Consultant

Businesses and organizations rely on I.T. consultants to advise them on how to use information technology to overcome problems and meet their objectives. They are often hired to improve the structure and efficiency of I.T. systems, as well as to provide expert advice on incorporating and integrating new technological systems. I.T. consultants act as the go-between for users and the technical team. Consultants must understand the requirements of customers as well as the business’s needs, investments, and expected return on investment (ROI).

Market Researcher

Market researchers typically work for businesses and organizations by gathering information about target markets and customers. Their work is important in creating business strategies. Depending on the needs of the company, market researchers may conduct quantitative or qualitative research. Quantitative research collects numerical data and uses mathematical and statistical processes to interpret and report findings. Qualitative research collects information about ideas, opinions, and behavior of consumers. With this information, the researcher will prepare and interpret findings and make recommendations to the company.

Insurance Claims Inspector

Insurance claims inspectors and adjustors play an important role in combatting insurance fraud and saving insurance companies money. Their job is to inspect insurance claims on behalf of insurance companies. Claims adjustors collect information needed to assess policyholder liability, as well as to make decisions as to whether claims will be accepted. They contact policyholders, witnesses, police officers, doctors, lawyers, and loss adjustors to confirm claims or inspect possible fraudulent claims.

Get a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

You don’t have to stop at an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering. A master’s in electrical engineering online can launch your career path to the top of the engineering field. You can specialize in a variety of areas including communications, signal processing, microwave, power and energy systems, or mechanics.

An electrical engineering degree is a diverse degree that can give you the knowledge and skills to perform in a wide variety of occupations after you graduate. It can also be a great starting point for a graduate education.

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