What Does Environmental Simulation Testing Achieve?

If the term environmental simulation test’ conjures images of the effects or weather or other factors on the ecosystem, you’re partially right. It’s a means of product testing in a variety of performance-specific environments under a range of conditions. This type of testing ensures that products will perform as intended over their expected lifespan without injuring people or property.

The Benefits of Thorough Environmental Testing

Product testing is arguably the most important phases of the concept to the market pipeline. It allows companies to ensure that the product works correctly, that there are no unintended consequences to its operation and that it’s safe for use by the public. This reduces the risk of legal and moral repercussions to companies. When done at the optimal part of the design phase, environmental testing allows you to identify and correct any flaws early, meaning lower production costs and faster market delivery.

Testing also:

– Impresses investors and stockholders – Ensures compliance with environmental and other government or industry standards – Ensures that any packaging is adequate to protect the enclosed contents – Allows input from design and compliance experts – Allows marketers to provide a full disclosure of product benefits and warnings

What Are You Testing For?

There are nearly innumerable conditions for testing, but not all are relevant to every product. However, the more thorough the testing, the less likely it is that unforeseen problems will be discovered after the market release. You want to consider any possible normal use conditions to discover how the product will fare.

Your environmental simulation test can include any or all of the following:

– High and low temperatures and humidity – Exposure to water and moisture from salt and freshwater – Blowing sand, dirt and other debris – Unpredictable or extreme changes in temperature – Vibrations and impact – Fungus and bacterial resistance – Solar exposure and radiation – Various pressure conditions

Product failures don’t necessarily have to cause financial of physical harm. Businesses who don’t deliver on their expectations in any way can lead to loss of reputation and revenue. There’s also the law of unintended consequences. Testing allows you to determine

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