Leader In Boat Transport

If you need you ship or yacht to me transported to France or any other country in Europe that our company is just what you require. Cigisped Company has been around for over ten years and for that matter we are proud to present you the greatest transporting service on the market. Our company is totally legitimate and our professional workers are certified and well-educated. The main aim of Cigisped is to deliver the greatest service, and transport your yacht to the desirable destination as quickly as we can.

Leader In Boat Transport

Please keep in mind that our services are reasonably priced and unlike other similar companies that offer this kind of services we do not want you to overpay even a tiny bit, for that matter we want you to trust us completely.

We are offering to our dedicated customers such list of services as:

  • Local skipper delivery of your yacht around Dubai and nearby cities, without any damage and totally in time that has been arranged in advance
  • Shrink wrapping of your motorboat or any kind of floating vessel, in order for your boat to be totally free of hard and secure 100%
  • Marina berthing is another advantage service that you can get as soon as you complete an application for transportation on our web-site
  • Transporting to any country in Europe or Asia, including Western countries, within the time boundaries
  • Providing you with long-tern insurance in order for you to be sure that your boat is totally safe and sound

Our head-office is located in Dubai, but in case your yacht is in Italy or Spain we will be able to ship it to any necessary destination as soon as you want us to.

How can I apply for boat transportation?

All you ought to do at first is to fill the form that you can find on your Cigisped web-site and tell us all the essential facts about your yacht, including weight, measurements and other important detail. Please specify whether your yacht is in water, or in harbor. In case you have several yachts you want us to transport there is no need to fill out couple of application. Just one will be totally enough. All you ought to do is to remark the number of your yachts and their exact sizes.

Do not forget to type down the date of desirable shipping, and the final destination. This will be a very pleasant process if you will choose our company. Your crew will have time to rest and go on small vacation, while your yacht is being transported elsewhere.

Are there any precautions I should be aware of before giving you my yacht for transportation?

  1. It is good that you have mentioned it because there is something you ought to do is order to be sure that the transportation of your yacht will be totally safe.
  2. You have to secure the vulnerable parts and details on your yacht regarding the force of the ocean that your yacht is going to feel.
  3. Make your yacht as light as possible, by taking all the personal items and other stuff away from it. Please make sure that you have not left valuable items there.
  4. Do not forget to power down simply everything, especially every cable that you have and light should be turned off.
  5. When finally the transportation day arrives please bring a key and registration documents of your boat. And it is important to check the essential papers that you require as long as you taking your boat abroad.

Plenty years of experience and skillful workers make our company the greatest and most reliable on the market. We want you to be sure that you are getting quality and for that matter please check reviews from our previous and potential customers, who have required our services for many time. They are considered to be our friends, because we want to cooperate with our clients for a very long time. So we treat them with respect and friendly attitude. As long as you are willing to try please visiting our website and then you will find all the necessary contact information about us. We are willing to take your call any tine of the day or week. And also we reply to email messages that you send to us as soon as we can. Trust us and you will see that yacht transportation can be as easy as it gets.

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