Strategies To Revive A Dying Business

The success of a business is not always guaranteed. There are sometimes when it begins to decline due to a number of reasons. According to statistics, about half of new businesses in the United States fail within the first five years of existence. You only have two options once your business begins to decline. You can either change your tactics and revive it or watch helplessly as it fails. Here are the top six strategies you need to employ to revive your business.

Strategies To Revive A Dying Business

Re-evaluate the Situation

Look within the company and identify factors that contributed to the failure. Knowing about these factors can help you come up with an appropriate revival plan. Focus on the strategies you used, employees, customers and products. Does the business understand its main role? Are the customers satisfied and loyal? Do the products offer effective solutions? These are some of the questions you need to find answers to when re-evaluating the business.

Redefine Your Business Strategies

Once you determine what is wrong, come up with strategies to put the business back on track. This is the point where you go back to the drawing board to set a new direction for the business. The strategies must clearly outline the needs of the customers, what the business hopes to achieve, how it intends to succeed and what principles and standards will be applied to ensure it does not go back to the same situation.

Consider Refinancing

One of the major causes of business failures in the US is the lack of adequate finances to keep the operations running smoothly. Apply for a fresh business loan with your local bank. Tap into your 401 k, credit card or savings. Try crowdfunding and angel invest or ask relatives for assistance. If you are already insolvent, seek the help of a bankruptcy attorney. A qualified bankruptcy lawyer like will help you avoid debt settlement, discover various alternatives for insolvency and get a fresh beginning other than banking on winning the lottery.

Re-Organize the Workforce

You need to involve the employees in order to turnaround a dying business. Take action against employees that cannot perform to the expected standards. Come up with a vetting technique so that every employee is held accountable for his actions. Negotiate fresh contracts with everyone and set new rules. You need to have people who have strong work ethics, positive attitude and are self-motivated.


Lack of invention and flexibility can accelerate the rate at which a business declines. People’s tastes and preferences change with time. There is no way your business will remain competitive if does not keep up with the changing demands. Reinventing your products will ensure you remain relevant in the market.


Re-branding gives you company a fresh look. It gets rid of the bad reputation associated with the failure and gives you a second chance to engage your customers. It also restores the trust and loyalty your customers lost as a result of the decline. Re-branding does not only involve giving the business a new look, but it also entails embracing new marketing strategies and slogans.

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